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Revisiting the Nonprofit Integrity act

In November 2004, the Nonprofit Integrity Act was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger and became effective January 1, 2005. Upon the initial enactment of the Nonprofit Integrity Act (the “Act”), there was a flurry of activity by nonprofit organizations in California in an effort to become familiar with the requirements of the Act. Since that time, discussion concerning the requirements of the Act has significantly reduced. However, regardless of the decrease in discussions regarding the Act it is important that nonprofit organizations in California remain familiar and comply with the various requirements of the Act.

The Act applies fund raising and governance requirements to commercial fund raisers, fund raising counsel, nonprofit public benefit corporations (regardless of tax exempt status), unincorporated associations, and trusts doing business in California. The Act does not apply to hospitals, educational institutions, Read More…

Hosting for 501(c)(3) Companies

The information I would like to pass on to you today is a company in San Diego that has a program offering free web hosting for entities that are recognized as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The name of the company is “Pixeled.” To participate in the program the nonprofit entity cannot be currently running an e-commerce/donation portal on their website and their website should be static pictures only. While these restrictions may prevent some entities from using the program, many other could benefit from the offering. To find out more about the program, you should check Pixeled’s website at I have not personally used the program, but I have heard good things about it. I hope that some of you are able to use the program and find it helpful